Daniel J. Glass, SUNY New Paltz

Research Interests

I'm interested in evolutionary approaches to clinical psychology. In other words, how does the fact that the brain is an evolved organ (and the mind an evolved system) affect our understanding, classification, and treatment of mental disorders? I view this domain as lying at the intersection between evolutionary psychology and evolutionary medicine. My thesis was on evolutionary perspectives on Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. While at SUNY New Paltz I also collaborated with Mandy Guitar relating to the adaptive functions of situational emotions, which we tested using the virtual online world Second Life.

In addition, I am interested in evolution education (via my involvement with the EvoS Consortium) and applications of evolutionary psychology to the real world (see the Applied Evolutionary Psychology Society--AEPS for short).

Finally, I am involved the construction of PsychTable, a massively collaborative online project devoted to the taxonomic classification of evolved psychological adaptations.

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